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So you think you cannot read!

- By Geny Team -
Have you ever tried being that deep person who likes reading? Have you started reading a novel but you felt like it is boring and ended-up waiting for the movie instead? You see your friends finishing their 100th book this year and you are like: “Hey! Wait! I didn’t start mine”. You are not alone! Did it ever cross your mind that you are unique? Yes, you are. You might be a visual learner. Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet, a licensed clinical social worker and coordinator of Parents Place Express, defines the visual learner as someone who “needs to see it to know it.”  Visual learners usually hold images in their heads. If you were at an exam and you felt like you can remember the place of the answer in the book and you can literally see it but you cannot see the words, so you might be a visual learner. Then, is it the end of the world? You won’t ever be able to read? Fortunately this article is here for you. Graphic novels might be just what you are searching for. Graphic novels are books made-up of comic content. They consist of frames each of which visualizing a scene and has a balloon containing the characters’ words. When you read a graphic novel, scene after a scene, you will feel like you are watching a movie. Like novels, graphic novels have ideas that they want to convey. They differ in terms of depending on pictures more than words in conveying these ideas. Graphic novels depend on illustrations, colors, different shapes of frames and balloons to convey feelings, which are different from novels that depend on description. A graphic novel is also way easier in reading. They give you a space to see for yourself. Simply, a graphic novel is like a comic book but at the same time isn't. A graphic novel is one story told in two or more parts. It is usually realistic, serious, and reflective. That is due to its topics being anything from historical to autobiographical. Comic books are usually fictional. They are about superheroes like Wonder Woman and Wolverine. They are usually a series were they have to come-up with a new exciting story every month which makes it helpful in building general knowledge. Next time you pick something to read maybe you can think of a graphic novel. These are some suggestions that you may like to view: Daytripper, Persepolis, Maus and Palestine.

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