- By Heidi Sameh -

Make a move, take a step forward, and start saying no to the things you hate the most, but still have to do. Life is short sometimes (shorter than we think), so stop wasting your time, stop waiting for something to happen, stop waiting for a change, instead inspire people with your desire to change. Get-up and go see the world, live your life, and start doing the things you love and the things you want the most. It's never easy and talking is just talking and once you make the decision and gather the will to do something, the whole world will start to help you. 

In every person's life there's this moment when you stop and think about your presence in this life. "What have I done?", "what have I accomplished?", and if the answer is nothing don't get sad or depressed right away because you still have a chance, you still have long as you're breathing there's a possibility of making your dreams come true.

Don't limit your ambitions or set boundaries to your dreams. All the great people in history were more than just being successful, they believed in themselves so the whole world believed in them. Bob Marley which is a sample for a great desire to spread peace and love (He had this idea, it was kind of a virologist idea, he believed he could cure racism and hate, literally cure it by injecting music and love into people's lives).

One day he was scheduled to perform at a peace concert and gunmen came to his house and shot him down. Two days later he walked out on the stage and sang. Somebody asked him why? He said "the people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking a day-off, How can I?"

Bob Marley's dream was big and your dream might be bigger so don't hesitate if you want to do something extremely strange or if you have an unbelievable idea. Never give someone the chance to let you down. Fill your soul with the happiness of achieving something, whatever it is. MOVE!

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