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HomePod: The Biggest iPod Ever!

- By Omar Khaled -
Let's start with Apple’s not so creative naming team! When you first hear the name HomePod you will never think it's a it a camera holder? is it like a tripod but for your home or kitchen? no, maybe its something you connect to your phone and with it you start controlling the house like a sci-fi movie….Maybe!!! If you have been following Apple’s naming convention for years now you would know it is the next generation iPod but for your home! Actually, since the iPhone came to life apple knew that music is kind of a big thing, so they jammed it in a multi-touch device and shoved it in all of our pockets. Now they are reinventing home speakers as we know it, with their 2.5kg, 17.2cm tall, 14.2cm wide white or space grey, perfectly symmetric mesh fabric covering 7 tweeters with spatial recognition woofer. [caption id="attachment_2052" align="aligncenter" width="1042"]Homepod Homepod - Image by TheVerge[/caption]

HomePod Pros & Cons

What everyone seems to dislike about the HomePod is Siri as it's limited compared to Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. It can't recognize multiple voices like the iPhone can (which is a privacy mess), there is no bluetooth streaming (though it has bluetooth 5.0), it supports Apple Music only (Sorry Spotify and Anghami users) so you have to stick Apple’s Ecosystem (which is frustrating for Google/Microsoft users). There is also no Aux output, and that thing does not come cheap as the price tag is 350$ which will translate to around 7k-8k in Egyptian pounds! [caption id="attachment_2059" align="aligncenter" width="925"] Internals - image by iMore[/caption] After checking-out all of the top tech websites and Youtube channels, I can safely say that the amazing sound quality could be regarded as the best in its price range. Siri’s accuracy when playing loud music and standing 5 feet away from the speaker is also a marvel in addition to the design, quality, and feel which are all superb! The HomePod also has the easiest smart-speaker-setup process by far (do you hear that Sonos!!), but you have to be on iOS 11.2.5 at least. The smart calibration is so smooth you won't have to do anything, you just have to hold your phone next to it until the handset sends all of the music preferences and connect it to wifi. [caption id="attachment_2053" align="aligncenter" width="1060"]HomePod - Setup Setup - image by iMore[/caption] Geny’s Verdict If you don’t mind getting stuck in Apple’s ever-growing ecosystem, if you're big on music, and if you don’t mind spending 350$ on your next home speaker…go for it but bare in mind its restrictions! Recommended References about the HomePod

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