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Why Dating Apps are A Big NO NO

- By Yasser Aboraya -
From tinder to Badoo to Grinder (that is if you’re not into the whole ying-yang thing), we are being surrounded everyday by more dating apps that may seem to make things easy, but are actually distorting our own understanding of decorum, meaningful relationships, and the difference between the physical and the emotional. Surly it won’t matter if you’re just looking for a one-night-stand or maybe a buddy to spend your late nights with, but when it comes to relationships this digital C%£p simply doesn’t work. Here are 5 reasons why dating apps should not be used for finding long-term relationships, written by a good ol’ fashion lover. Love from the first sight my A$$    Talking about taking physical attraction to the next level. Once you decide to take-on dating apps you are simply attempting to sell yourself with a bunch of attractive photos and 2 vague lines. Surly physical attraction is an important aspect in the beginning (and for the continuity) of any relationship, but dialling it to just a couple of still photos is just too demeaning. A picture could hide a million words If a picture could say a million words, it could also hide tons about the people in it and let’s face it, we all have skeletons in our closet. Akeed there is no way to be sure about it even if you met differently, but isn’t it a bit scarier this way somehow? I met your dad through tinder… What’s your Cinderella backstory again? It might seem like a tiny thing to think about but don’t you want some sort of a fascinating story to tell your children one day? Some women are excited, most Men are. We all have needs and if you’re morally ok with satisfying them through these digital novelties so be it, but trust me most men on dating apps are only looking JUST to satisfy. There are the occasional “looking for a friend only” guys, but a full grown man looking for love through tinder is considered a unicorn, a dumb unicorn. It’s just too easy Personally, I don’t like the thrill of the chase because I believe that if something is meant to happen, relationship wise, it will be mutual and candour. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like the challenge of impressing a girl to win her heart, but I think posting a picture in my dad’s German car is not trying hard enough.

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