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The Dress

- By Yara El Komaty -
One morning, I was awakened by the tweeting of birds and to my astonishment, I wasn’t bothered by their sounds. On the contrary, it was as if they were encouraging me to wake-up and enjoy the day as it begins. I decided to catch the sunrise as it penetrates the beautiful sky that is both empty, and full of clouds. That time has always been my favourite, when it’s quite warm, sunny, but not hot. I opened my windows to feel the wind soothing my sleepy face as if it’s telling me to get dressed quickly before I miss the sunrise. I grabbed my favorite fine-looking flowery dress that perfectly hugged my body hanging just above the knees by inches, put on my favorite accessories, and let the waves of my hair fall over my shoulders. And ready I was. The last essential thing I needed was of course my bag, but the bag itself wasn’t the essential thing, the vital things are in the bag, I hated the idea of having to carry a self-defence and a cell-phone for emergency calls. I hated the idea of being petrified of wandering the streets of my own country out of fear of the people of my own nationality. I hated that beneath my fine-looking dress, I had to wear a just-to-be-safe leggings and above them, a jacket hiding the rest of my body parts that I’m not insecure about... I just don’t want to be blamed in case of any kind of harassment. I look at my reflection in the mirror and what I see doesn’t please me anymore, back in the day, my mum used to wear short skirts and no one dared to look at her in a bad way. Now, everything has changed and I can’t enjoy wearing my favourite dresses. I sorrowfully took-off the dress and decided to go for pants and a simple over-sized shirt, and I pulled my hair back into a “pony tail”. When I’m done, I’m shocked to see that the sun has already hugged the sky and it’s on full display now. I missed the sun rise, I’ve wasted time feeling angry and sorry for myself. I hush the birds, close the window and off to bed…I went again. Thinking to myself maybe tomorrow I’ll get to wear my favourite dress.

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