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Deadly Thoughts

- By Salma Gamal -
Have you ever felt it? That unbearable feeling of being fully suffocated. A rope of your dreams going around your neck as you grow older. It is the killing phase of youth. It is how young adults live; torn between dreaming and surviving. Lost between a beautiful imaginary life and a real destroying one. Being burdened by tons of deadlines and responsibilities that have no limits. Always feeling worried towards what is coming, yet nothing ever changes. You live in the same cycle of stress with every passing day. You are stuck in a dull mystery that has no solution and it kills you as time passes. You are supposed to be filled with energy and radiating it, yet you look so drained and miserable. Your life is nothing but an infinite loop of negative emotions. You think every day "Will I pass this, or will it kill me?". Nothing could be done except faking that you are living the happy beautiful life any young man/woman should be living. But hang-on because there is always a dawn after a dark and you inherently know it. No matter how dark things get, be assured that everything passes. be assured that very little matters can actually destroy you (you made it this far anyways), and most importantly believe that what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger.

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