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On love, conditions, obstacles, and irrationality

- By Yara El Komaty -
Do we fall instantly in love? No, because that wouldn’t be real, we can get a crush on someone and by time that crush develops, but can we stop it? That click you get at the sight of that one person, is it stoppable? I believe not. Once you click, there’s no going back. Let me count with you the many clicks that happen in reaction to that person’s most little actions, they laugh, *Click*. They smile, *Click*. They blush, *Click*. They tease you, *Click*. They mess with their hair, *Click*. They mess with yours, *Click*. They make you laugh, *Click* *Click*. They make you cry, *cl..ick* *click*. Let me put some math in there to make this article sound smart, the amount of clicks you get per day is directly proportional to the time you’ll fall in love, in other words, the more the clicks are, the faster you’ll fall in love. This is love, and below are the conditions: Girl code:   You’re not to click with your best friend’s ex, because this is the rule, you can’t fall in love with your friend’s ex, but what if that one person is the one you’re meant to be with, what if that person brings you happiness and ultimate joy, peace and serenity, what if that person is the one? And you never got to find out because the “girl code”. Guess you just have to deal with it, right? Your ex: They said your ex had become an ex for a reason, true, what if it was bad timing? What if it was immaturity? What if now is a good time and we’re mature? Guess you won’t find out because ‘integrity’ and ‘dignity’ shall stop you. Your complete opposite: That person that everyone tells you is not right for you, who’s different in almost everything and does things the opposite way, you fight a lot and people speaking about how you two could never end-up together and you start believing them, after all it’s what everyone says, except for your heart who thinks the complete opposite. But who listens to their heart anymore? The irrationality is in clicking with someone from the first time and you know it isn’t just right, clicking with someone who goes against the rules, how could you allow your heart to sink so deep? How did you allow your mind to drift to places to where that person is? How can you stop loving someone when all what you do is think of him? Why think of him? How could you? Silly, isn’t it? To ask someone to stop clicking, to set boundaries to the one thing in life that happens spontaneously, the one thing that has the power to get you off your feet and up in the air, but then comes these boundaries to get a hold of your feet, and bring you down to your knees. Because conditions, Because rationality.

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