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From "Heathens" to "Stressed Out".. Twenty one pilots is the best!

By Salma Galal Twenty one pilots is an exceptional rock band with its two members –whom are best friends too- Taylor Joseph the main singer and the drummer Josh Dun. Twenty one pilots has main four albums; Quiet is violent, Regional is best, vessel, and their last and most succeful one Blurry face. They put the photo of their "grandparents" as the cover photo of "vessel" album just to see the productive company reaction to it, but they didn’t say anything about it. Let us move to their last album "Blurry Face" which have so many deep meanings; it narrates the story of Tyler joseph's insecurities and how "blurry face" character has been created inside him. Tyler said that "blurry face" represents his insecurities and inner thoughts, and that’s explained why Tyler used the black color to be painted around his neck and hands in the video clips of this album. So we can say that this album is something like a trip inside Tyler's mind and fears knowing his two conflicting characters, also "blurry face" character has been showed obviously in "Stressed out" song by interrupting Tyler's voice in a frightening way saying: "My name's 'Blurryface' and I care what you think" , "Wake up, you need to make money. Yeah" . Also, in the video clip you can differentiate between tyler and blurry face by seeing his eyes' color change into red. Let me mention that this song topped pop songs in 2016 ranks. They also had been famous for their song "Heathens" which was for "suicide squad" film, it had so much success between teenagers and youth, and from its lyrics: "Just because we check the guns at the door, Doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades". This song has been streamed more than 368 million times, actually it becomes more successful than the film it hails from. And about the band on stage, Tyler turns into the "blurry face" character most of the time by putting black make-up over his face and neck –as we have said before- , Dun has been known to play his drums from inside the audience, sitting on a platform that’s held by fans. And that’s what makes their concerts pretty amazing! At the end, do you know from where the band name has came from? Tyler Joseph has answered this question in an interview which is an inspiring answer actually by saying: "I was studying a play, and in that play someone made a decision, and they sent out faulty airplane parts during the war, and 21 pilots died because they sent them out. Then that person who sent them out, that was the main character, he tried to justify why he sent those parts out, and he ultimately ended up committing suicide at the end of the play." The play that Tyler is talking about is Arthur miller's "All my sons" , Josh Dun has also said that they decide to name their band by this name so that every time they are about to make a decision its name remind them that they had to make the right decision, even when they weren't the easiest ones to make.

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