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Expectations of the future Vs Reality

By: Mohamed Adel

In the movie back to the future, we imagined that by 2016, the world would be filled flying cars and robots. In the movie Demolition Man, we imagined that present days would be days filled with order and peace. But have we reached any of the things we imagined the present would be.

In the documentary “The Universe in a Nutshell”, physicist Michio Kaku said that if our ancient ancestors from 1000 years saw us and saw the devices that we use in our everyday life, they would call us wizards. However, if our descendants after 1000 years would come back in time and we were to see what they accomplished in technology and scientific discoveries, we would mistake them for gods. It’s true that we have reached a level of advancement that is hard to imagine if you were living in the middle ages for example. Who would have imagined that you can reach people from other continents instantly while you’re sitting at home. However, now that we have reached these heights, it seems that man’s creativity has started stagnating. We have become too interested in materialistic gain of money and power that we have thrown away the concept of working and innovating for the sake of mankind. Wars, civil wars, conspiracies and political strife have become the title of our era. Revolutions and chaos are spreading throughout the land with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Instead of making our ancestors proud by continuing on their work and blowing away their minds with not just a few advanced devices, we have destroyed the land they so graciously worked hard to make it prosper and handed it to us on a silver plate. Should we be proud of the progress that we have achieved? Or should we be disappointed in ourselves for ruining our beautiful earth and spilling blood all over this land?

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