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Step up - Film Review

As I have been always a loyal fan girl to Channing Tatum, I have to write a review about one of his first movies and the first film of Step up movie series. Step up 1 is a romantic dance film, directed by Anne Fletcher, and starring Channing Tatum (Tyler Cage), Jenna Dewan (Nora Clark), Mario (Miles Darby), Demaine Radcliff (Mac Carter), Drew Sidora (Lucy Avila) and De'shawn Washington (Skinny Carter). This review is gonna tackle the plot, setting, characters, lighting, colors, décor, customs, sound effects and the camera movements. The screenplay was run-of-the-mill because it talks about a poor guy who loves dancing and he meets a rich girl and falls in love with her by incidence. So I think that the story has to be more creative. The conflict was good because at some point they give up and lose hope on everything. So we get excited to know what they would end up to. The setting was suitable as it was in an art school. I love the roof that "Nora" takes "Tyler" to as they started to dance ahead of the sea which is so romantic.   The characters choice was almost relevant, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are marvelous dancers and they were a charming couple. Demain Radcliff was not suitable for (Mac Carter) character, in my opinion, Kevin Hart could have played this role better. The lighting and colors were not that bad although They had to be brighter as it was a dance movie , and the mode of the movie was supposed to be full of happiness and to be amore shiny. The décor was on average, it had to be more innovative by adding another dancing rooms that fit the hyper mood of the movie. The costumes were pretty good. I love the oversized suits that Channing Tatum wear , they were suitable for break dance, Also I love Jenna Dean's tight outfits which were suitable for ballet. The sound effects were fine as they were suitable for the mood of the film. The songs in the film were hyperactive and romantic at the same time so they were suitable for the dancing scenes. The camera movement was fast at the dancing scenes so I find it so good, Also I find that the directing was so professional and organized. Finally, step up 1 is an entertaining dance movie with marvelous dancers and average scenario, It is worth watching. If you love this kind of films you will find step up movie series so interesting in general.

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