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Crevette - Resturant Review

- By Mayar Moheb -
When you're going to a sushi restaurant you expect a luxurious atmosphere, food, and service...But my experience in  Crevette really disappointed me. First off when we got into the restaurant we found the manager and his 2 assistants setting next to the door and no one in the whole restaurant except us despite the fact that it was lunch time which isn't much of an issue as much as it being weird. The restaurant wasn't decent as any other sushi restaurant. The music wasn't matching either and the service wasn't that good as well despite being the only table in the restaurant. Then my biggest shock *the sushi* It was literally the worst sushi I have ever tasted in my whole life. The fried sushi was cold and tasteless and extremely dry. The salmon in all the different rolls wasn't cooked and some were frozen and I am almost certain that the frying oil they used was old as hell!!! Even the garnish was disastrous just like the prices as everything was way overpriced for the whole experience!! One last note: some of the items in the menu not available in the restaurant which is also not much of any issue but if you consider the
5th Settlement - Maxim Mall
Heliopolis - El Merghany St
Taste : 0.5/5
Menu Varieties : 2.5/5
Atmosphere : 1/5
Price : 1/5
Full experience : 0.5/5

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