10 Types of Toxic People You should Run away from

By Farah Farid

Do you know what is the thing I wish for the most ? I wish there was a warning sign hanged on people saying: "watch out! Toxic people run away". If only I had a super-power to be able to identify those toxic people and kill them all.  Toxic people destroy  you and they have ways to do it.

1- People who misunderstand each situation and every single word you say.

They just exterminate your energy trying to explain your point to them. Well, you don’t have to!

2- Hypocrites who pretend to be your friend in your face but they actually hate you when you turn away.

They appear lovely at first, but then you notice the change of attitude. Actually, it’s not a change, It’s them revealing their true self hidden under lovely masks. That is because they already have what they want from you. Maybe harmed you as much as they can and now you became useless to them.

3- People who make you think you are a bad person, also people who tell others you are a bad person. Even those others who believe that you are the bad person.

4-selfish people who won’t ever make you feel you are enough.

They don't appreciate your actions. You do everything you can for them but yet not enough. Unlike you, they do nothing for you. just walk away cause whatever you do, it won’t count.

5- Pessimistic people who spread negative energy everywhere.

They will always find reasons to make your good news "not that good". Talking about a promotion "well, the money isn’t that great". Talking about going to the beach on holiday "well, it’s going to be so hot anyways". Talking about being the queen of the universe "well, the universe isn’t that big, you know, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give you a coffee break".

6- Dramatic people who regularly put you in position where you have to choose between them and something else.

Unless it’s a life or death matter, everything else can wait and of course you feel obligated to choose them. Dramatic people also make you ask them about 50 times what’s wrong and get the same answer every time which is “NOTHING”. But when you stop asking, they accuse you of being heartless.

7- Pathetic people who in the heart always feel less than others.

They keep comparing themselves to you.” I got a new car” for instance. They are supposed to say congratulations but instead they say “My car is better and more expensive”. I have been to Paris- well, I have been to the moon… they would never share your joy.

8- Table turners (The scariest ones).

They will always blame you. Had you not done XYZ they wouldn’t have reacted that way. If you only did it their way something wouldn’t have happened, nothing is ever their fault. The point is if they always know the right thing to do, why not do it themselves?  They’d rather blame someone else.

9- They’ll make it about the way you’re talking, rather than what you’re talking about. You might be trying to resolve an issue and before you know it, they move away the conversation or argument from the issue that was important to you to the way you talk – whether there is any issue with your manner or not - You’ll find yourself defending your tone, your gestures, your choice of words – it doesn’t even need to make sense. so, instead of dealing with the main issue now you're supposed to deal with a doubled issue. 10- Touchy people who can remember all your tiny faults for years. Any situation can be used to recollect all the sad things about you and your behavior. And that’s after you have already expressed regret about a thousand times. As a result, you can’t help but feel totally guilty for everything. Isn’t that a reason to avoid such people?

After all, remember you don’t have to please anyone. You’re not guilty of anything, don't defend yourself. So, put yourself first, learn to say “NO”, walk away, and don’t waste your time and energy dealing with toxic people.


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