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Dix neuf – restaurant review

By Shaden Khalil
The beautiful odor of the freshly baked bread, croissant and paté will fill your heart with warmth and comfort that delights your spirit to go for an amazing experience at Dix Neuf. Dix Neuf is a french-styled restaurant and boulangerie. As obvious from its name, that’s specialized by its unique exterior design which will grasp your attention just as much as the interior design. The lights by the ladder capture the mind especially at night; just like the city of lights “Paris”. The portraits of women and random streets inside the restaurants are just awesome, creating a feeling that you are in somehow in France.   The ground floor is convenient for taking a drink or croissant and it also has large tables for having meetings or gathering. The upper floor is convenient for parties, enjoying lunch or dinner, or even smoking shisha.   An olive paste appetizer was presented with delicious toasted bread with garlic and crispy tortilla fingers before serving the main dish. The portion of the plate satisfies your tummy in which you can choose two side dishes such as mashed potatoes, fries, penne pasta, or sauté beside the main dish. I liked trying the Italian chicken that mixes between chicken barbeque with mozzarella, pesto, pepper, and mushrooms especially that the ingredients were obviously fresh. The sauté vegetables and used olives in the paste were fresh too. The fries were soft from the inside and crispy from the outside with a good mix of spices. Also, the coconut milk in pina colada cocktail was fresh and served with ice which improved its taste. Nevertheless, I couldn’t taste the orange juice taste as well as a slight taste to pineapple. Another good point is that I liked serving the cocktail by putting a coaster and a newly packed straw. The staff is welcoming and respectful and the service is excellent. The service is quick and there are freshly served plates on the grill such as the chili chicken and other barbeque plates. I also loved that the owner has an eye to details; cleanliness is covered and it can be greatly observed from the floor, and counters and tables. I recommend trying it out. Final review: Taste: 4.5/5 Menu Variety: 5/5 Full experience: 4.5/5 Location: Oman Street off Mohi El-Deen Abo El-Ezz

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