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Latino Cafe & Restaurant - Out n' About

By Shaza Ossama
If you're looking for a place with a breathtaking view and reasonable prices to spend your day, then Latino is the way to go. Latino is a cafe/restaurant which has this mesmerizing Nile view which looks just perfect at both day and night and in my opinion it will be a good place for a first date. I have tried most of their dishes so I can give you an overall opinion of whats going-on there. Let's start with the least favorite thing that I have tried; the burger. Burgers there are very straight to the point, classic with a medium quality beef. Platters however are a whole different story; they serve a reasonable quantity for a good price. I've tried the paradise chicken and the monterrey chicken. Both tasted very good and chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked. All platters there whether beef or chicken are served with two side dishes of your choice (sautéed veggies, fries, mashed potatoes, penne pasta, Alfredo, rice, and the list goes on). cocktails and milkshakes taste so good as well, and they do serve" shesha". When it comes to desserts they are so good to be true, one of their popular desserts there is "zalabya" covered with chocolate, and let me tell you if you went there and didn't order one it's your loss! brownies and cheese-cakes are also amazing. Service wise, it`s not that good. The place is generally busy so with a very big place and a small staff, they always look stressful, and it may take them while to take your order. Final Review: Taste: 4\5 Price: 4.5\5 Atmosphere: 5\5 service: 3.5\5 whole experience: 4\5 Branches: 106 Nile street, Agouza

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