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Depression: why do young people feel so miserable?

By Mohamed Adel
Lately, it became some sort of a trend among college students to be depressed and miserable. Of course, there are cases where they suffer from actual depression and some undergo therapy and even take anti-depressants, but the problem lies with people who just like to go with the flow. For some reason, students began to believe that being sad and complaining about their lives is somehow cool. But they are completely insensitive and oblivious to the fact that there are people who don't do this for appearances. By creating this negative atmosphere; other people start to get affected by this infection and depression starts to spread among them. Not to mention the fact that this only makes matters worse for people who suffer from true depression. But aside from this group of people, why would depression be in such high levels among college student? These years are commonly known as the best years of anyone's life. Adolescent Depression is one of the most popular reasons for suicide. Up to 15% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide. That is because it is not handled well by people suffering from it or from the people surrounding the person himself. The person suffering from depression, in most cases, feels ashamed and despises himself because he thinks he is weak. He believes that he should be okay and not complain just like everyone else around him. Suffering from a constant feeling of baseless guilt, the person starts to convince himself that he is a horrible person and that he doesn't even deserve to live. Seems a bit harsh to condemn yourself to that, but that is actually the truth. He starts to harbour feelings of self-loathing until he reaches the breaking point. That point, at which he is completely convinced that he is a burden to his friends and family and that people's lives would be much better without him, is a danger zone. Signs start to appear on the person suffering from depression. Constant exhaustion, black marks below his eyes, untidy and dirty clothes and of course complete self-isolation. That is not always the case as sometimes he can deceive people into believing that he is truly happy until surprisingly, he takes his own life. This phenomenon is extremely common between young people because they are faced with hardships and responsibilities that they have not been correctly prepared for; grades, family issues and separation from friends. All from the most common reasons that pushes the person over to the dark side. It is the duty of all people to support each other. People should take care of each other and notice if something is even slightly different about a loved one. Try to get him to share his hardships and talk to loved ones. Try to make him seek professional help, and most importantly, never underestimate the size and impact of another person's problems. Its scale can differ, as no one knows what are the factors that led to the problem in the first place. Always remember, it is okay to feel sad and it is okay to feel weak and vulnerable. There is no shame in asking for help.

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