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Food Gun - Out n' About

By Salma Galal
To all beef lovers, this is gonna be your spot trust me. Let me tell you that Food Gun is a total success; as an atmosphere, service, taste, price, variety, quality or quantity. First of all, there are burgers for cheese lovers or American burgers lovers, so you will find what you want there anyway, and every burger is served with fries as well. I have tried their "burger gun" sandwich and it was perfect with its bacon and caramelized onions. And for cheese lovers, you are gonna love their "cheese loaded" sandwich no doubt as it includes all sorts of tasty cheese and its beef tastes so good. I have also tried their "mozzarella bites" sandwich and it was so good as well. [gallery ids="4984,4985"] When the waiter asked us if there is something that we dislike about the sandwiches, we didn't find one honestly! The taste was more than good and the quantity was perfect, also the price was very satisfying and the best thing about it is that it has no taxes or service charge as well. What REALLY makes "Food Gun" a special place is that it has a very unique atmosphere and I'm talking about the Dokki branch as I have been there - it won't be my last visit for sure - the staff there is very friendly, it also plays very good music which is a good point for them. [gallery ids="4986,4987"] Final review: Taste: 5/5 Price: 5/5 Atmosphere: 4.5/5 Menu variety: 4.5/5 Whole experience: 5/5 Branches: Heliopolis , 5 Ahmed Khashba Street - El Hegaz Square Dokki , 66 El Hussein Street to Mohey El Din Abou El Ezz in Front of Gate 2 Shooting Club

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