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Willy's kitchen - Out n' About

By Shaza Ossama

Willy's kitchen is one of the recently opened burger chains in Egypt, and it made a wide buzz because of the quality of their sandwiches. I went there a couple of times, so let me guide you through my experience.

Just a spoiler-alert: if you're not a messy eater, I don't think that Willy's is the place for you. With that being said, lets talk about the burgers. The first noticeable thing there is that they serve a high quality beef.

I've tried the "Cheese Madness Sandwich" which is a beautiful combination of "grilled cheese skirt" as they like to call it, Gouda cheese, beef patty, and their sauce. The 2 kinds of cheese topped with a patty really hit the spot for me.

I also tried their famous "Big Willy" which is a double beef patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, their secret sauce, to say the least if you don't have a big appetite i don't recommend it to you.

A sandwich that I wasn't really a fan of is the "Chili Chili", but I guess if you like the chili beef flavor you'll be fine .

Of course the cheese waffle fries, and the chili cheese fries were pretty good (I mean you cant miss that up). If you like eating and sitting at the place for a long time I won't recommend the Dokki branch as it's pretty small and suitable for you filling your stomach and leave.

When it comes to the staff they were friendly and easy to deal with, and the food comes within 8-10 mins which is pretty good.

Final Review

Taste: 4/5

Atmosphere: 2/5

Staff: 4/4

Price: 4/5


-Dokki, 5 al Narges street, off El Thawra street.

-El Tagamoaa, silver star mall, behind om Hassan.

-Heliopolis, 19th Shams Aldin, st. Ard El Golf.

-Nasr city, 9 Hafez Ramadan street, off Ahmad Fakhry.

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