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Achieving your dream is never too late

By Shaden Khalil

Everyone for sure has a dream (Not the sleeping or daydreaming ones) but more of a goal that deserves achieving. Even if it was trivial, it helps you to achieve more important goals and to think big. The tip of the thread is dreaming once to find yourself dreaming over and over to energize you with the needed motivation that boosts your self-esteem to reflect on your spirit when going-on with your daily life.

My dream was taking ballet classes (beginner level) and I did it by the age of 22. At first I thought that I took this decision at a late age but I later discovered that I was the youngest to make it.

For me it was an important goal that deserved my time although it may seem trivial at first. Yes, I confess that it’s a trivial one but it was important enough for me to follow my passion. I believe that if I couldn’t have achieved this trivial dream, I would've never achieved my larger dreams-to-be. That’s why I decided to share you with this experience that I considered as one of the best experiences I had. It was an experience full of passion and fruitful results starting from the opposition I face to actually mastering ballet poses.

As my undergraduate life sucked my energy, I decided after graduation that I should give myself sometime to practice whatever I like. I showed great interest to join ballet classes for adults but I found opposition from my family who thought that it was impossible to practice it for the first time at such late age. Even my best friend told me that I will neither make it nor commit to it. So let me take you through some steps that will help you achieve yours.

Step 1: "Detox" your life from negative people

Simply, it's because they have different opinions (restricted to traditional ideas) and most importantly they don’t have your dream or the passion to do it. Meanwhile, other people want to pull you off their way to achieve their success or abuse you to succeed. Yes, there are some sick people who build their success over others’ failure.

Step 2: Be determined on achieving your dream as much as you believe it.

Always fight for your idea and convince people with your perspectives as a way to refresh theirs'. Although it can be hard, proximate opinions help to solve most of the problem. Sometimes, silence or avoiding arguments can be the solution.

My mother alike all parents insists on loving me in her way and proves by all means that my dream isn’t suitable or trivial which I believe creates a love-hatred relationship between the generations. The same thing happened again with my work as mum claims that the "security-man" takes the same salary as mine or maybe more!!! Realistically, I think that this is the normal salary for any fresh graduate. Generally, we have different opinions that make her sees that I am stubborn enough to make wrong decisions.

Instead, you can surround yourself with people who support you and believe in you. In other words, people who love to see your success and don't mind to give a hand in building it.

Step 3: Let your deeds speak for you

When people start to see the initial results of your dream, they start to believe that your efforts paid-off and that your dream has really deserved all the time you have invested.

In my case, mum saw my improved psychology and appetite for succeeding in my dream. Meanwhile, other people totally forgot about it. Actually, I loved what I was doing from learning new poses, gaining new friends, and enlightening my spirit with happiness.


You are the only person in control at the end of this story whether you choose what your close circle wants or to go for your dream.

Remember that many people have achieved their dreams and find their happiness at the late age of 50s and above which we may call impossible. One example is Sally Bahgat who decided to shift her career from being a doctor to an entrepreneur by the age of 40. She insisted and kept going for years until she made it.  Also, an inspiring character was the writer Mohamed Rabie who decided to shift his career from constructional engineering to writing.

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