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The Equation of Life and Happiness

By Mayar Moheb
Have you ever thought about "why we are here?", I Thought that we are here in this world to do something that deserves to be remembered ! To make a real change in this life! Reaching my 20's opened my eyes to that question!! 20 years of my life passed without doing anything that deserves to be remembered! Except having fun and wasting energy on outings, travels and parties! 20 years of living without any obligations or duties! But now...I do have the choice, whether I would keep living my days without thinking or planing, or choosing the hard way; the way where I use every single moment to do something new and valuable. Okay then, what if I chose the hard way or let me call it the "success way", hundreds of questions come to my mind like "if I worked hard, after years would I be successful?". Or "would I regret wasting all my energy looking for something I couldn't reach?, and regret all the moments I have wasted without having fun". Okay okay and if I chose the "success way", How should I start?! What should I do to start my way? What is the first step?!, which field do I want to write my memories in? Or would I after years and years find-out that I chose the wrong field?! Yes I want to be successful, I want to be remarkable, but I also want to have fun and keep my inner child till the end of my time. Life is an equation, it has two sides and to solve it you have to make the two sides equals. The two sides are success and enjoying your days and you need to understand this well to be able to solve this tough equation. When you solve it, MAYBE you would become a winner!

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