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Scrolling curse!

By Shaza Ossama

Nowadays if you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media forum out there, you quite frankly are judged. As well as this, it is a constant battle to have the most ‘followers’ or ‘friends’ and gain the most likes, retweets, shares and comments.

Have you ever noticed that the social media is really controlling our lives ? We started doing everything in our daily lives just to post it on social media; Whether it's outings with friends, the food that you eat, concerts that you go to, vacation with your family, even your outfit of the day.

Each one of us will start to compete with the community around them to introduce this perfect happy life that they're living, where in reality they are not focusing to enjoy the moment but capturing it. It's really pathetic !

Moreover its starting to be really scary, people are getting depressed from watching others having fun all the time or posing with this perfect body, they start shaming themselves for not being this perfect.

You have to remind yourself everyday that social media platforms are not a way of living, its okay if you take a break from it and it's perfectly fine if you don't look or live like how others are.

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