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Saving A Broken Soul

- By Salma Gamal -
Question: What would you do to help rescue someone who is depressed and has no energy for life? Answer: You tell them that their mere presence makes the whole world light up. Tell them they matter. Tell them they're loved. That is unless they're diagnosed with a case of clinical depression (msh l howa ana mokta2eb w khalas) which means that they need some sort of medication unfortunately. Anyways it mostly comes down to cheering them-up and giving them some space. I think I would to talk to him/her about why they are depressed and then I would tell him that they are precious and that whatever happened or how many times they failed they have to be good at something. Promise them that you will be around and actually try to KEEP IT. and there is obviously the act of taking them out for the food or desserts they like (works like a charm). Remind them of their abilities, blessings, dreams, and memories. If all the previous doesn't work however, then this person may not want to get help and in that case I think talking will not help so much. These types need to live a new experience, some sort of a journey, anything that is not necessarily fun but a challenge. This could include anything from a mountain climb to a hike through a forest to just meeting new people. These circumstances can help make them feel alive. Another advice is to keep the relation with Allah by praying and reading Quran, I believe Quran is the solution for all our problems in life. Reading it only is not enough, you have to understand it well to discover how Allah give every person on earth a role in life. It would differ from a person to another. Some would respond well to being left alone for a while to sort-out their problems by themselves, and the more dependent ones might secretly resent that even if they feel like they're being more of a burden. But in any case, reminding them to go back to Allah is the best possible medicine for their soul in addition to just reminding them that you're the backbone that's a phone call away. "Either give them space or help them finding their passion so they remember the purpose of living and help be their best versions of themselves." "A box of chocolates and a kind message" ;) Don't forget to listen to them, talk to them, make them feel that their presence makes a difference in your life. And if there is no progress, find professional help. Finally, if your planning on doing all of the above, save me as well.

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