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Reasons to change in order to fit in

- By GenY Team -
While everybody’s fear is not fitting-in with the rest, mine is to unconsciously become a replica of what everyone else is. We’re slowly becoming copies of each other; we unknowingly give-in to what society views as the norm, and we give up on habits that we believe don’t match those norms...the box that the society created with labels attached to its every corner has finally imprisoned us and we failed to realize that this box only exist in our minds. It is human nature to try and conform with society but only to a certain extent, and then it becomes blind conformity that leads to the loss of our identity. The following will explain why you shouldn’t conform to the rest. - It’s all in our heads, perfection is a myth Who decided that the most popular in school should be that cool kid who ditches classes and bully others? Us. And who decided that the one with a book in hand is a nerd? Also us. We created the labels, we weren’t born with the categorizations, you’re both students but with different interests, nothing wrong in that. It’s not a written rule that in order to be cool, you gotta ditch the books. Start your own labels, find those who fit to your own category instead of bending and changing to satisfy a category that’s not yours. - Therefore the social risk, also a myth! Social risk is the fear of not fitting-in with the rest of the society, but then again we’re those who created the labelling and the ideals of what makes one a true fit or not, and thus we’re also able to change those labelling or better yet ending them. - Different is good, similar is also good I’m not here to say that standing-out feels special because not everyone has the uniqueness to stand-out, adapting to an environment is no shame. Losing yourself in the process is what’s wrong. The fear of not belonging is common and natural but once you get to the point of accepting those differences, you’ll come to love who you are. - You choose your influencers! Conforming with someone with a more social influence is another psychological act, one that many does unknowingly, we watch how influencers dress and we mimic their style; believing that this way we’re more likely to fit in, but again all those followers and all those likes, who decided to give them? Us. Then why do we try so hard to follow someone else’s lead instead of creating our own. - There are no minority and majority, only different sets of minds. The sense of belonging to the majority gives us satisfaction and boosts our self-esteem, whilst being with the minority boosts our insecurities, then again who decided that differences in opinions should divide us to groups? Us. Then why can’t we accept that there is no us VS them, only different sets of minds with different views, opinions, and values. Bottom line is that if you ever feel the need to change your behaviour, do it with the conviction that this is a way for you to become a better person, get influenced to do good, but never let go of your true essence because day by day, you’ll lose bits and pieces of who you are until there’s nothing left of you to be fixed.

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