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Emotion - Out 'n About

By Mayar Moheb
Wanna take a break from your normal, boring daily routines? Are you bored of going to the same cafes and restaurants? Maybe Emotion is the new experience you are looking for!! Emotion is a Playstation cafe...but it's not a normal cafe with just some TVs and consoles, it's like a home with private rooms with  each having its own consoles, lazyboys, and couches. you can order whatever you want to drink or eat and also you can smoke as they have shisha. They have 3 categories of rooms; the multi-player rooms, The double room, and the VIP room. The VIP has its own private toilet, Projector instead of normal HDTV and also the seats are way more luxurious. You also can go for movie night or to watch soccer matches (but for matches you have to call for a reservation). The staff there are so friendly and they will constantly check if you need anything. Expect to pay 50 LE for each hour you spend there but rest assured that the privacy and enjoyment you would try there would surely make you wanna visit them over and over again. [gallery ids="4057,4058,4059,4060,4061,4062,4063"] Branches: Sheraton, 12 Masr lltaamer buildings , front of Radisson Blue Hotel ElHegaz, 10 Ali Amin Maher st. From Abdelhamed Badawy

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