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Hosary Square Sushi - Food Review

 - Written by Nour Mohammed Ali -
Street food in Cairo always surprises us with new yet delicious kinds of dishes from different countries. Therefore, the most unpredictable Japanese dish took its meaningful share among the street food market. Historically, sushi was prepared in China to preserve fish by coating it with rice; they used to throw the rice and eat the fish. This way of remaining the seafood edible spread to Japan in the 17th century. The Japanese people developed the recipe and started seasoning the rice, and eating it with the fish inside. Lately, Sushi has found its way to Egypt; mainly, among upper classes and people who eat healthy food. Now, it is quite familiar to see Sushi restaurants in malls; however, it is very weird to see a street food cart selling Sushi in El- Hosary Square. “ I used to work with an owner of a Sushi cart near El-Shams club, but lately I have decided to cart my own business, and open a Sushi cart in 6th of October City because there are no Sushi restaurants here” Mohamed Ahmed, a Sushi cart owner, said. Ahmed also added that his customers are mostly from upper classes and they visit his cart more than once on a weekly basis, “of course, the inflation of the seafood prices has affected me; for instance, I used to sell a Sushi piece for LE 7 while now I sell it for LE 10.” He added that he have made up a new type of Sushi, which is fried to make its taste acceptable for customers who try it for the first time.  

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