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The Smith - Food Review

By Mayar Moheb

For someone like me I don't get out of Tagamou except for a real good experience and a real special cafe and restaurant !! And The Smith did that successfully.

The smith is a restaurant and cafe in Masr Elgdida with really really special decoration and atmosphere, they have really cared about every small detail in the decoration which shows!! But I did like the place at night way more than the afternoon time.

The staff there were good but the order took way too long and sadly one the orders came wrong. So you're asking what have I ordered?

-The cordon bleu with two side dishes (rice and mashed potatoes) the chicken wasn't really stuffed with cheese and bacon and was a little bit dry, but the rice and mashed potatoes were fine.

-Cheesy Cold Cuts roll... it was really good and innovated. The prices were overrated compared to the taste of the food but compared to the place it was suitable. I would surely like to visit the place again because of its atmosphere.

Final review: Taste: 3.5/5 Price: 3.5/5 Atmosphere: 5/5 Menu variety: 4.5/5 Whole experience: 4/5

Branches: Heliopolis , 3 Samir Mokhtar Street, Ard El Golf

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