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How to get your friend out of misery in 4 simple steps!

- By GenY Team -
So your friend is feeling down recently, maybe he is dealing with a break-up, maybe someone dear to him/her passed-away…In any case, here are 4 things to do to get them out of this $hi77y mood. Step 1: The ‘it’s okay.’ In this step, you are gonna say ‘it’s okay’ a lot, and I mean A LOT! If they throw something at your face, its okay she’s just upset, if she cries on your birthday, it’s okay she’s just upset; birthdays reminds her of her ex, he used to have a birthday!` You’ll probably repeat yourself a thousand times, remember that advice you gave her yesterday night, well you’re probably gonna repeat it the day after, in the early morning. Step 2: “Oh no, he didn’t!” Basically, this is the step in which you try your best to make her see the worst in her ex. “He asked how I was doing!” “How dare he ask something like this, what does he think you’re doing!! He broke your heart and he expects a “I’m fine, thank you.” Stupid idiot with a brain of a banana, you should totally despise him for that.” Step 3: “Let’s go numb that pain!” Take her out, which will keep her distracted and even better introduce her to a guy if available, I mean what’s better than a rebound fling, ha? That will surely take her mind off that filthy backstabbing ex and will make her believe in the power of love once more! Step 4: The Reality Check! Scratch all of the above and listen to that step carefully, I know that most girls would relate to the previous steps and this is where my mission comes. I know no one likes to hear that they’re wrong when they’re angry and upset, hell… no one likes to hear they’re wrong AT ALL! But sometimes they need a reality check, a reminder that it’s okay to hurt and that pain demands time and time will help you recover, what’s not okay is to lose hope in tomorrow, to believe that this feeling is permanent and grieve everyday because of such a false belief, they need to let go of the poison that’s holding them back from moving on. A rebound won’t solve a thing, on the contrary, that’ll make the karma go around, one needs to heal on their own and jumping into a new relationship isn’t the healthy way to healing. Be patient to her needs and always remind her of the many possibilities, she has in life and that it’s time to move past the pain and into new yet doors. P.S. If words won’t leave an effect then a slap would certainly leave one, that PLUS a mark, that’ll deliver the reality check way faster. Just remember, you didn’t get it from me!

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