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L o v e

By Salma Galal
Haven't you ever start wondering "what's love?" "How do you guys know that you really love someone?" "How do we act when we fall in love?" After all of this, I think we can't agree to a specific answer to these questions; you don't know how you fall in love or when, you just feel it! Suddenly, you catch yourself thinking about someone in a different way that you yourself start wondering when and how and why him/her? But you will never get an answer, and that's what's love is darling. They might be waaaay different from the type you expect to be with, but you just love them for no reason, with no doubt, you just want to be with them for the rest of your life and no one else but them. When your laugh turns back to you by just seeing their face, when you wish to spend all day and all night with them just to be with them, when you count the days till you see them, when you only think about them even if you are surrounding by a lot of people, when you have that "zing" by just seeing their name in the notification bar or hearing someone talking about them, I think that's what the word "love" is made for.

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