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- By Shaza Ossama -
According to a study by the Institution of Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women 99.3% of Egyptian women experienced sexual harassment. Most of the people have this wrong misconception that girls feel flattered and confident when guys flirt with them. As a girl, I would say that flirting or harassing makes us feel humiliated. Would you - boys - enjoy everyone staring at you while walking the streets of Cairo? Have you ever felt depressed before leaving your house just because you know you will have dirty looks and jokes about your body? If the answer is yes then...go ahead and harass!  A lot of people say that the reason behind harassment (whether verbal or physical) is a result of the girls' clothing. However, the study has shown that girls wearing conservative clothes are being harassed at a percentage of 75.7%. So that completely destroys the myth that girl’s clothes are the reason of this terrible act. Most girls in Egypt when they experience harassment they feel shy to tell their parents or inform the police about such incidents because of their fear of shame...which makes it so much worse and helps in spreading the phenomenon even more. "victim-blaming" is a typical reaction to sexual harassment incidents in Egypt. Besides the blaming, they start to create excuses for harassers, including poverty, not being able to get married, and (get this...) "sexual needs". If this is even remotely true (not acceptable still), why do managers sexually harass their employees, why do married people harass?? This particular subject has a lot of reasons and consequences so in the end I'll just keep on dreaming that one day i could go for a walk, ride, or any kind of public activity without the fear of being touched or looked at! How simple and stupid that seems.  

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