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Melody of the Heart

by Shaden Khalil
Fly with happiness and spread your wings of potential energy even if you were trapped in a dungeon that you optimistically see as a bright room equipped with all what you may dream. Simply, full of life and people and windows as much as they can be just like a 360-degree view. If the place is dim and pessimistic, your eyes are the first seekers of optimism towards the light just like the birds that fly with total freedom to play with a group of friends over the tree branches to reach maximum joy with a chill in their heart to push another bird to start a new turn of the game to tweet continuously as if it was a long giggle between two close friends who enjoy their time. You have never ignored that the heart's melody is never missed and it is always available to cheer you up, so dance, step softly with your feet and do whatever lifts your spirit up till you find a spotlight that be your first step of ascending the ladder of hope. Broken, fine, but don’t say it as if you're not meant to be broken or otherwise you’d be made of glass. You may feel pain, anxiety, and anger as you are constructed by emotions that grants you with sensibility and gives your life a meaning. As long as you believe that you don’t belong to the dungeon, your soul flies happily over the skies.From the maximum of strength comes the weakness; simply, the need for the comfort of your feelings, mind, and body to relax away from stress. Maybe it came because you loved the new situation. The honey-colored branches of the palm tree seemed like the soft hair of a virgin that flies through the air landing on her face, or perhaps it is like a bundle of feathers in an organized manner like a bird’s wings. The red color of dates over the palm tree that hung from the branches turned the sad heart into a powerful cheerleader. The red color hasn’t been that bright or beautiful beside any other color. Maybe, it's the effect that filled the heart with love or perhaps the life that has power with vivid potential that awaits a touch, just a touch to explode and immerse whoever surrounds it.

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