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Could an app turn you into a champ?

By Salma Galal
Most of us are insecure about their weight and their fitness in general, and I can see that fitness and the gym lifestyle have been a trend these days, which is a good thing for sure. So, if you are willing to change your lifestyle and make it healthier but you are too busy to go to the gym or something, let me help you by introducing my favourite fitness application to you that have turned-out to be my working out buddy and coach; and it called "7FIT". The best thing about this app is that it notifies the user at a specific time everyday to do our workouts, also it had a magnificent coach that encourage us to continue the workout by counting them and saying motivational words to us. This app makes you choose which type of workouts would you like to do specifically, and it makes some challenges to motivate to keep up working out as well. It also has a weakly health report that includes your weight, nutrition, and your working out progress. So do you think that you can really reach your goal by only the assist of a mobile application?

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