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The cruelty of Life

- By Heidi Sameh -
Every single person has experienced something in life that is cruel. Some ended-up damaged, some ended-up broken, and some ended-up heroes. We are all very different in our specific details; we deal with things in life in a surprisingly unique way. Is it our choice? the answer would be a big fat NO. That's probably because we were all created equal, but with absolutely different personalities, which we actually control and choose how to develop. We were gifted by having brains to use in order to coexist with everything else around us, but some people left that aside and decided to react as animals somehow in some of their experiences in life. looking at the fact that we only use 5% of our brains most of the time, using more will make us become super-powered organisms, we'll understand, feel, see, control, and remember more than ever. Some people have the opportunity to live their lives the exact way they want and some don't. people get rejected, abandoned, hated, bullied, and misunderstood, and all these things are passable according to humans abilities. What is not acceptable is being forced to a life you do not want. You have only one life to live and its not repeatable. life gives you chances, life gives you opportunities, life gives you much more things than you wish for, but life is also cruel and unfair sometimes. It may crush or destroy you, so to balance that we were created with a survival instinct; something to help us adapt to this cruelty. If you ever wondered about the reason of life being so cruel, you will sadly figure-out that the main reason are humans themselves. God created earth with fierce animals, poisonous plants, natural disasters, and all of this is fair but what is not fair is what man does to his kind. People, kill, torture, enslave, and humiliate each other. Although some acts became banned (or frowned-upon in some parts of the world) we still hear about Syrian refugees spread all over the world, minorities being burned alive in Myanmar, women abuse, animal abuse, and entire populations starving with only a few receiving help. All these are fatal problems mankind has been suffering from, but let's also not forget hope. mankind caused serious wounds to this planet but there's always a bright side to us. We are different and there is always a chance to soften the stoned hearts and light-up the darkness. Be the change...

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