“Tit-for-tat” Russian response.

By Omnia Mounir

The Kremlin has expelled 60 American diplomats and closed the US consulate in St. Petersburg in what some are calling a “tit for tat” response to America’s decision to close the Russian consulate in Seattle, not to mention expelling 60 Russian diplomats along the way.

The skirmishes with expelling diplomats started when the Russian former double agent “Sergi Skripal” and his daughter “Yulia” got poisoned with a military-ranked nerve toxin in England. The toxin has been planted on the their doorstep as detected by the British counter-terrorism police and Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious later on a bench in public in the city of Salisbury. “It was believed that Skripal first came into contact with the nerve toxin at the his doorstep” declared the senior coordinator of the British counter-terrorism police. The test results came-out with the highest concentration of the toxin at their doorstep. Skripal and his daughter are now at the hospital in a very critical condition and maybe suffering from a permanent damage. The 66 years old is a former colonel in the Russian military intelligence who has been confirmed to be selling information related to Russian agents to MI6 - Britain's secret intelligence services. Britain has accused Moscow and the Russian President Putin with the assassination attempt of Skripal and his daughter using a chemical weapon on British soils; as Russia has been associated with attacks using military-grade chemical agents and new spying techniques with the history of the Russian attacking chronicles. Russia has denied using “Vichok” - a military ranked nerve agent that was first developed by the Soviet military - to kill Skripal. “Russia suspects that the MI6 are only trying to Feed-up the anti-Russian hysteria” Russia and the kremlin has described. As an unusual decision, Britain expelled 23 Russian diplomats who were suspected to be diplomatically-covered spies. Also other western countries - including most of the European Union and NATO states - have expelled over 100 Russian diplomats. Western Countries and America are clearly bearing their sharp teeth for the Russian bear. Now after the relationships between Moscow and the west had been sabotaged; this western-European/American defiance is considered as a gesture of a cold war against the Russian permeation. The Russian actions and Moscow’s political decisions recently have been mysteriously concerning that the political expectations can not really provide enough predictions about the Russian ambitions and putin has been a figure key in the geopolitical landscape. Moreover, Russia found a new strong footing in the Middle East - especially in Syria - since the Arab spring, coupled with the shrinking of the American and European role with the end of of Obama’s presidency, indicating that this post-cold war may have been going on even before Skripal’s assassination attempt. What could this dispute between the “power parties” lead to? Could it lead to a new threatening world war three? With the truths being unfolded and the myths of conspiracy theories are now proven to become a reality; these countries are too wise to start a real war. Let's also not forget the witnessed evolution with respect to nuclear weapons - with evidences of what’s happening now between Korea and the United States - and one proactive strike could determine who’s the victim and who is the victor. This constant demo of “Force” and “counterforce” between the power parties is giving the global political and logistical situation some kind of balance.

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