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Controversial products?!

- by Omar Khaled -
The new trend of treating the Apple logo as if only the rich can afford it…it’s true! This is sometimes what the company wants its brand to be associated with, yet this is not the main purpose behind it. Let's go back and refer to history in this matter since the dawn of Nokia’s smartphone. The competition was always about having new unique designs or more megapixels, but then no one noticed this bulky black phone with berries on its back “Research in motion now called Blackberry” which came to dominate everything else! Wait what people didn’t do anything else…actually, they did but they didn’t know it yet. It was all enclosed in the “perfectly enclosed Blackberry system”. Yep everyone was emailing everyone, people were using the famously dead-blackberry messenger, people loved blackberry back then because it had everything they didn’t know they would want or need. The point to make here is that Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or any of the tech giants are trying so hard to fit their products in all of our pockets. This doesn't stop at manufacturing or having a hardware products, now its also Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder or even Geny :P Every brand is always trying to give you what "they" think you lack, whether it's communication, lifestyle, attention, or your next hook-up. Controversial products are always trying to sell us what they think we lack or what we need, just take your time deciding who will be your next pocket-friend. it's not about how expensive it is, how stylish it is or how many of it is sold! Its all about what you want, need, and can actually afford…sort-out your priorities!

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