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Thoughts on how to define yourself

- By Geny Team -
We all seek and demand acknowledgement, we demand to be seen and we ask about how we’re viewed, when we’re loved, we ask why, we ask about the reasons they fell for us; maybe it’s insecurity that makes us wonder how can we be loved, or maybe it’s because the way we view ourselves is different than the way people perceive us. So the question is what defines us? Is it the way we see ourselves or the way we’re seen from other’s point of views? There are ways to help you understand yourself, either you try and look within yourself but you have to be completely honest about how you feel and think, and another way is to observe the way people look at you, now this is what gets me confused, am I funny? People sometimes think I have a sense of humor while I don’t believe I’m funny at all, so what is it? How do I define myself? Is it my insecurities that had me think I’m not funny or is it what my inner self had me believe so? But isn’t that what we do? Not to ourselves but to everybody around us? We define and judge people according to what we hear about them from others, we label them with names we hear and we define them according to how others view them, so mostly we’re seen and looked at not from our perspective, but from the perspective of others. Is that fair though? To be judged not according to yourself but according to the frame that the society dictates. How do you reach a full understanding of who you are? My theory is that you trust what your inner self tells you and then test what you think about yourself through people’s perspective. A right balance between what you believe and what you’re seen to be, and if society labelled you the wrong way, upgrade that label to what fits you. The question remains: what do you think can help define a person more, their perspectives on themselves or the way people think of them?

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