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Stalking…The Damaging yet Amusing Habit!

- By Nour Mohamed  -

Did you ever think how stalking people on Facebook can affect you? Yeah, let’s just face the truth that most of us are stalkers. So, who do you exactly stalk? Your Ex or crush?

I agree with you that stalking is a very amusing habit that most of us mastered over time. However, did you just imagine what would happen if you discovered through stalking that your ex or crush started a new relationship? Yes, frustration, depression, and maybe a loss of self-confidence.

Recent studies have shown that Facebook stalking might revive relationships that have ended OR make the task of letting go very difficult. Ex stalkers developed high levels of stress in comparison to those who blocked or unfollowed their old partners. As Egyptians, jealousy is a main feature in our relationships. Stalking can increase jealousy between partners which will obviously lead to unnecessary arguments. "Who is this girl/boy who liked your profile picture, I guess you must marry her/him". Partners, I’m sure you have heard this phrase at least once during your relationship. You already know how this habit can negatively affect your psychological health and your relationships. It’s time to stop it. First, you must admit that whatever meant to be...will be, stalking won’t ever bring-back  your ex or make your crush fall in love with you. Second, let go of your past, stop living in the past, embrace your present, and never think what would happen in the future if...just live every moment as if it’s your first and last moment. Third, if you can’t control your stalking habit, dare to block all of the people you stalk, this might help the "weak you" calm down a bit.

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