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Fallout 4: Top-notch RPG Gaming

- By Yasser Aboraya -
Holy $hi% that’s a solid game! Sometimes the gaming industry may throw at us great new RPG titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn for example, but it’s extremely rare to find a massive improvement on an already established series…Enter Bethesda Studios. Made by the same great team that developed the Elder Scrolls Series, Bethesda have long been seen as one of the few experts in making a massive sandbox RPG games and like Skyrim, they didn’t come short with Fallout 4 and here is why (no spoilers ahead). The Story First things first, this is an RPG and thus should have an astounding story line which is hard to attain if you’re basing the entire premise of the series on post-apocalyptic world events. In Fallout 4, players will early-on experience a sort of an emotional connection with the main character and the surrounding NPC’s. This is thanks to a deep and thought-provoking narrative that is executed by great sound artists. What builds upon this is the sheer amount of plot twists throughout the game. The Graphics Ok so it’s an open world game so we can’t ask for much, but compared to what we’ve seen on previous Bethesda games and other AAA open world titles, Fallout 4 is passable if not slightly above average. This really depends on what you expect from a game like this, and honestly, its not comparable to Uncharted or Drive Club’s graphics, but what the game offers is also vastly different. Yes, there are the occasional glitches and bugs, but gamers will rarely find any (pretty surprising for a game this size). The Gameplay The gameplay in fallout 4 did not change immensely from the last instalment but it saw some improvements (and drawbacks as well). For starters, the inventory management and combating system (especially melee) remains to be lacking intuitiveness but battles seem to be more hands-on and personal than before and gaming difficulty is on par with those looking for a decent challenge. As for the VATS system for some reason has been rendered almost useless and makes combat sequences seem “laggy”. The in-game economy is still as straightforward as always but there aren’t much bartering going-on because of the few merchants hanging around, not to mention the fact that the looting system is extremely rewarding. The Variety Fallout 4 offers a dense world with a wide range of interesting characters and locations waiting to be uncovered. The sheer number of both repetitive and engaging quests and the rewards for completing them makes wandering post-apocalyptic Boston an enjoyable activity. Wide options are also seen in the number of “clans” and skills players choose to invest in. Customizability Customizability has always been one of Bethesda’s strongest feats starting with the intuitive and deep character design tools to the fact that in-game choices affects the story-line progression. Fallout 4 added to this a new Sims-like settlement creation mode and an improved crafting system for weapons, shields, and the mighty power armour. All in all, fallout 4 is an enjoyable must-have for all RPG freaks out there and the game offers improvements to the series in its 200+ game-play time. Best part is that you do not have to play the older instalments to get the gist of things. PS. The game is available on Windows, Xbox 1 and PS4

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