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Accept without feeling blue

By Shaden Khalil
Blue is an amazing color to be chosen for its serenity, calmness, and peacefulness but some people are forced to have it as the main color of their lives especially when they have a disorder such as autism. Since April is the month of Autism Awareness, there is no better than this month to include 2 April as The World Autism Awareness Day starting from 2007. The logo of the day is the coloured puzzles that symbolize the Autism Disorder Spectrum that they seem to  complement one another and supports inclusion in society as an essential part.

Julia's presence defined autism

A year ago, the American version of Sesame Street has introduced a new character who had autism called Julia. She was clearly different from other characters as she didn't talk a lot with them, or reply immediately when someone talks to her, which is her norm seeing that she is autistic. Although this video is mainly targeted for children, it can efficiently teach adults about "autistics" whom are different, social, and enjoyable to be around.

Inclusion matters

In Egypt, it is awesome to find the role of The Egyptian Autistic Society and Autism with the amazing campaign "Inclusion Matters" that aims to include autistics in society, educational system, and the workforce. It was amazing that they shed light on the children’s achievements at school by winning spelling bee competitions. This year, many places and organizations are taking place in lighting blue as an activation of the international campaign of "Light it up Blue" such as Benben Solar Power Planet, City Center Maadi, Ministry of Social Solidarity, and Bibliotheca Alexandria. Launch Egypt, an international center for children with additional needs, celebrated this day by making an informal party themed with the blue color that appeared in the entire place and the participants' clothes to support this day locally. The school children had fun with the entertainment program which included games, clowns, and other activities. The latest achievements for autism is the active hotlines and the employment exposition in Smart Village. Things like these is what restore's faith in humanity once again...

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