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Friendship or Love?

- Salma Gamal Mohamed -

We asked random people which is more important to them,"friendship" or "being in love"?

Here are some of the answers:

"If you meet your soulmate then it's worth giving up on a friendship. If you was just in love you'd need to know the person more to see if they're really worth it. If a friendship matters to you then it's more important than a relationship cause a relationship can sometimes be replaced, But I guess if you loved someone then this person will not make you choose between them and between a friend and vice versa! :D" "I haven't been in love and as human nature compels us to, I look for love and want it, so I guess now I'll say true love. But again what is a true friend? Did I actually get that? I guess to know the answer to your question I have got to know I have both, although I think that if I ever do then I will never be able to answer it." "Friendship because you would be so lucky to have somebody share the good and sad moments with u without wanting anything from you. A friend would stay beside you through the tough situations, but still you'd be luckier if this person was your true love, so I guess they almost have the same importance." "Friendship is a form of love so having a right friend is love and also having a significant other is love just in a different form - so you can't pick one over the other, both of them are a blessing, you can be blessed by one or both and both have significant effect on your growth." "Both are important. As human beings, we need human interaction. We need both our friends and our soul mates to achieve social satisfaction because friends and soul mates don't offer the same thing. They are not equals so neither can be replaced." "Through friendship you find the purest love. You love without any desire or expectations. You just love. And for me I believe that you can't fall in love with anyone who wasn't your friend. So by far, I'd choose a friend over a lover anytime." "Being in love azon 3ashan el sha5s dah hykon friend w lover w kol 7aga w eno being in love is a more advanced level of friendship w eno being in love includes friendship." "Being comfortable in the relationship whether with your partner or friend. I believe it's all about the relaxation, comfort, and peace that u feel in the relationship." "Friendships lead to love. You can't love someone you don't know well, and you can't know someone that well until you guys get along and become friends." "Friendship! to be in love requires friendship and generally without friendship you will be lonely and that's the worst feeling...real friends never leave you." "From my point of view both of them are important. Both are important but on different levels in your life, and it depends on your age also."

"I guess friendship because it's difficult to replace but you can fall in love more than once. A good friend will always be there no matter what."

"The one who knows the meaning of real love knows that in every relationship in his life love is important." "الصداقة الحقيقية أعظم وأقوى وأمتن من أى حاجة تانية عشان بيتخللها الحب والوفاء وكل المشاعر الجميلة اللى الإنسان بيحتاجها"

"La ana a7eb akhod el etnen w lw ma3ahom fries kaman yb2a helw awi"

"Being in love with the right one, plus he/she could be that good friend"

"I think it's more important to have both in one person"

"The most important is being in love with a true friend"

"Being in can replace friends"   "البامية واللمون <3"

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