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Music saves my soul

- By Salma Galal -
Since I was a kid, music have played a vital role in my life, it defines escapism, happiness, hyperactivity and a lot of different meanings that couldn't be expressed by words. And now as a girl who is stepping into her twenties, I'm very thankful of the existence of music in this world. Someone once sent me a very childish picture saying "music saves my soul" and for some reason I set it as my profile picture on Facebook for a while wondering if music really saves our souls? So, I asked some of my friends to tell me "the real meaning of music to them" in few words, and here's what they replied with: "Music means everything to me, it's my all time favourite mean of communication. I've learned how much of an impact music has on people whether their beliefs, mood, etc... I do truly believe that my music will tell you more about me than I ever will." "Music feels you, when you are happy it makes you happier, more hyperactive and wanna receive all the love in the world, and when you are sad it becomes a shelter for your sadness, as if it gives you hugs or something." "Music transfers me into another world and makes me lose myself in it, it changes my whole mood as well." "It becomes my company when I'm alone or wherever I overthink of anything I escape by music." "Personally I regard music as a cheap drug to reach a good mood or a shelter from depression." "Music is more like drugs that make me forget all the pain I have." "Music can express feelings that I can't express with my words." "It means relaxations, and it defines me in many ways." "Music makes me comfortable, it feels like home." "The earth has music for those who listen." "It's when your soul dances." "I think it's a stress relief." Finally I can say that music is more than just some instruments that we listen to, to dance to it or to change our mood or whatever. music is much more than this, it makes us like or dislike people, it gives us that spark when we find someone who has the same music taste of ours, and personally I believe in "music mates" and I have already met them! I couldn't find a better way of ending this article by one of my favourite movies scene:  “You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.” “I know you can. That’s what’s worrying me.” Begin Again (2013) dir. John Carney

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