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A ride through the mind of a very insecure person

- By Geny Team -
We all have our insecurities, and we all sometimes doubt our capabilities but to a certain extent, and then it becomes unhealthy and leads to serious troubles. Insecure people often suffer from anxiety and are in constant fear of getting judged or mocked, insecure people suffer on a daily basis. And here are some of what goes through their mind, a mind with so many voices inside. “Why are people staring at me, is my shirt stained! Of course it is, it has to.” They will count their moves, they’ll watch their steps and when they’re back at the safety of their homes, they’ll probably recap every action, every word that was said, and blame themselves for being so awkward and hesitant. “Should I? Or should I not? I probably shouldn’t.” Acting in spontaneous way is out of question, every move they make is counted and all the possibilities are thought of ahead; considering the worst-case scenarios - the things that hold them back from taking the action. “Shut up, they’ll mock you.” Here’s why insecurity is the worse, it holds you back, it literally holds you back from your dreams and it blurs your vision that you can no longer see the goals that you’ve set, fear holds insecure people back and along with them are ideas that stay just this way, just the raw material that didn’t get the chance to transform just because that person is too insecure to share it with others. “I shouldn’t have said that, why do I always mess things up!” Insecure people tend to isolate themselves, they create a comfort zone of their own and stick to it, getting out of it is usually a challenge for them; one they’re not willing to take. It’s true that insecure people are the ones who created the box for themselves and hid inside it but it’s also true that people had a hand in keeping them inside.

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