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Letting Go!

- By Passant Abdelshafy -
Letting go? No honey there’s no such thing in this world! It’s not that simple, you would never forget how it was like, you would never forget the days you locked yourself in your room with your tears pouring down on your face, you would never forget the times you tried hard to make it out but you failed, and the times you begged him not to go but he did. I know it’s painful, I know you feel like a hole shot straight through your heart, I know that you can’t deal with it anymore...But you have to! You have to keep missing him every day, you have to pretend that everything is okay but you know deeply it’s not, you have to keep wondering if it was your fault or how life could be if he was still here, and you will cry because no one will answer you. You have to try to live with the emptiness that he had left, you have to remember your old happy days and how he used to make you smile, his voice when he sang your favourite songs and the silly things that you both used to laugh hard at. You have to live with all of this knowing that you are on your own with all these memories while he is happy with someone else, it’s painful isn’t it? But you have to! You have to live with the idea that your friends will not be close anymore, the way you feel makes you more depressed and not funny as the way you used to, and guess what?!  It’s BORING and no one could handle this. You might think that’s life is not fair but baby it’s not, that’s how life goes and you have to deal with it, you have to go through all of this alone, you have to take this long path, but you know what? You’ll reach you destiny. You will wake up one day after all of this and find that the storm is over. You will heal, not as fast as you think, but you will. And the most benefit from all of this $%it that you will be stronger than ever. You will be a new person with a new life and new people. And you’ll find that sometimes we must feel the pain to value of happiness.  

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