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90s shiny leggings are back and Fifi Abdou is a trendsetter!

By Omnia Mounir
It’s no secret that Fashion’s been repeatedly turning from vintage to modern over the past 50 years. Looking back at 2003 when the 90s miniskirts made an appearance again in Tom Ford’s fashion show, Then Madonna’s famous 90s finger-less lace gloves were snatched-off the racks at 2010 even after 20 years. And last year -2017- the legendary mom jeans were transferred into boyfriend ripped jeans and the 80s trendy oversized shirts alongside with the 90s flannel shirts were back on trend in different modern colours and editions. 2018 is also bringing back other vintage fashion trends such as the 80s high-thighs boots, but recently the 90s shiny leggings are a subject of controversy in the Middle-East as the latest trend this year. The famous leggings first appeared on our TV screens in 90s. Several famous actresses have worn it before from "Nabila Ebeid" to The famous Egyptian belly dancer "Fifi Abdou", but it seems that "Foffa" is the trendsetter of these vivid pink leggings in this scene back in 90s. It all started when the dancer posted this picture of herself with her signature caption “5 mwah”. With 90s leggings back on the racks in new modern colours like burgundy and olive green and different styles such as sheer parts and cropping to the knees. Here are 3 tips when it comes to wearing them: 1-Don’t pair it with short blouses: Leggings are extremely tight and revealing so they showcase a woman’s bodies pretty well, so instead pair it with long oversized shirts for a more modest prude casual look. 2-They’re more suitable for the gym: Due to the elastic and flexible nature of the fabric it’d be the perfect sports outfit. 3-use matte colours for an everyday look: Matte dark colours such as black or navy are more suitable for the casual looks while vibrant colours should be reserved for more special occasions.

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