5 Ways to Having a Peaceful Life

- Salma Gamal Mohamed -

Unfortunately stress is becoming an essential part of any adult's or young adult's life. We (adults) are always overthinking about our future. Nothing is stable in our lives and yet we are being loaded with infinite responsibilities. To help you avoid this level of stress, here are 5 simple tips for having a peaceful life.

1) Prioritize and Know Your Capabilities

We always think we are super humans who could easily do many things at a time. Nevertheless, things don't go that way or the way we want them to. We simply can't do everything and this belief will lead to nothing but exhaustion and failure.

Know what is important to you and what isn't, what benefits you and what should be postponed! Don't consume yourself in too many things at once thinking you would master them perfectly. Prioritize and know what you are exactly capable of doing.

2) Never Compare Yourself to Others

Sadly media has transferred to us an image that by the age of 20 you should be someone outstanding who has done a long list of achievements and that you should be special in so many things. This is totally not true, and it will never be.

God didn't create us to follow similar paths or to have similar lives. Never compare yourself or your achievements to others, it will make unfocused and upset. You will never be satisfied with what you have and you will be stuck in the same place for ages. Know your worth and always focus on what is in your hands, and it is okay to be normal. Remember that people are not born lucky and everyone struggles in his/her own way.

3) Outline Your Day and Always Do Good!

Always be organized and ahead of your plans. Put a reasonable outline for your day with simple to-do list and break down your big tasks. Planning your day/week ahead will make you so comfortable and less stressed.

Another pro-tip to include in your day: DO GOOD! Smile to strangers, distribute positive sticky notes to people, help those in need every month or whenever you can, always offer help when you can help, and believe me you will restore faith to humanity again.

Remember that making others feel good will make you feel good about yourself too and the help you are offering will always get back to you.

4) Don't Neglect Your Body

One awful thing we always do is neglecting our health and bodies. We tend to eat unhealthy food and stay in front of our desks for weeks with no physical activity or without getting enough sleep. As time passes we will turn into walking monsters with many chronic diseases.

Move your body, walk every day for 30 mins, dance, take the stairs, go to the gym, just care to move your body and renew your health. Eat healthy food and drink water as much as you can and watch out what you allow to enter your body and try to sleep for 8 hours daily.

You will never function without a healthy body and mind. If you don't have time for your health now, then when?

5) Maintain Your Social Relationships

As life passes we become more busy and unintentionally forget our friends and family. Believe it or not, but your social relationships with those you love is something very essential for your soul. Put time for meeting your school friends each weekend, ask about your aunts and uncles, and be there for your friends whenever they need you.

You don't have to do a massive effort, a simple text sometimes would be more than enough to tell people that you care and you didn't forget them. Social relationships is what will keep you alive in this tremendous life.

Finally, a happy life comes from our perspective and how we analyze situations. Don't stress yourself, live life as simple as it could be and always be satisfied. God never created us to suffer, but to learn.

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