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Ladies, would you get down on one knee?

- By Geny Team -
Roles are reversed! or it's just another trend. Everything started when a video went viral on social media for a girl kneeling in front of her boyfriend to ask for his hand in the streets of Tunisia. Although she decided it was the right time to claim her man, this - as we all know - breaks-down all the rules and traditions. The girl was holding a small red velvet box with the wedding band while her friends were wearing white T-shirts with "I love you" written on them. Amongst the astonishment, the guy actually said "Yes"! Friends and family were clapping and the cameras were snapping and in one night the controversial couple became accidentally famous on social media. We can't help but ask, is it brave or even rebellious? Should a woman take the first step? Or in a world of increased demand for equality between the two genders women are taking it too far? Here's why you ladies shouldn't take the first step: 1-If it was the right time, he would've proposed. You may think that guys don't care to even notice that it's the right time to propose, but not to disappoint you ladies they're actually very calculating when it comes to marriage. 2-It defies our nature. Though the world has been demanding more equality between men and women for ages, girls should be the sensitive and emotional individual in a relationship. It's a fact that we can't change even with all the evolution that the world has been witnessing, girls are tender creatures. 3-It'd definitely put you in the spotlight for a long time. It's not every day that we get to witness a girl proposing to her boyfriend, not only in the Middle East but everywhere. But eventually we can't help but feel happy for the bride and the groom because love is love no matter when, where, and how it is. And with all these controversial trends from a black wedding dress instead of white, exaggerating wedding or no wedding at all, girls proposing, Entering the wedding ceremony on "Mahragnat", and even having a pizza tower instead of the wedding cake, we could never know what else to expect.

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