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- By Ahmed Moustafa -
When it comes to starting a new phase in our lives that some of us - and i am one of them - are interested in and others don't, the fear of how long it will take to get used to the transition could make you stop and never move on. This feeling that all the things around you is changing and nothing is staying the same will be weird at first and it might drive you crazy. You will give up on things you always spent time doing and start doing other things you have never done. The fear of knowing new people will always chase you; because they may not be like you or like your old friends. Some people may even have this fear of being fooled by people they never knew before. However, you will eventually find that everything about you will change...even including your values. Everything you considered as being "strange" will eventually become normal...or even habitual. You will discover that god never forgets anyone of us and that you should never hesitate when it comes to entering a new phase in your life. It will be difficult at first, but with time you will discover that you have always wanted change, and that this change will affect old concepts that you lived-by throughout your life. Walking through new paths and meeting new people will make you do things you never thought you are capable of doing. Stop overthinking and rest assured that god always has your back. wouldn't it be better for us to spend our time working on our future instead of thinking how life will turn-out to be? Remember, the dusk is always followed by a dawn and change is hard at first, but it eventually leads to better things once you get used to it.

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