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Shocks Burger - Food Review

- By Mayar Moheb -

Shocks Burger is a van located in Waterway, fifth settlement and it serves Burgers, Chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, appetizers, and their special Lotus shake and ice cream. You will never expect this quality and taste from such a bike.


I have tried (The shocker) and (Deep chick); The shocker was just perfect and I found everything I could ask for in a burger sandwich. Two rich patties of juicy beef burger and a large amount of cheese, mushroom, caramelized onions, fried jalepeños, and that delicious shocks sauce.

As for the chicken sandwich, I didn't really like it mainly because they cared too much about the crunchy layer so you won't be able to taste the chicken and because of the waaaay too much sauce, I found the sandwich really dry. I didn't like their fries as well and I guess they used frozen fries as it had no taste, cold, and its price was kind of overrated compared to the taste. The size of the sandwich on the other-hand was nice and satisfying and the service was fast despite the rush as the order took between 10 to 15 mins. The main issue there was that they don't have a sitting area so you have to take your order and find yourself somewhere to eat. Branches: Waterway - Fifth Settlement Rating: Taste: 3.8/5 Price : 4/5 Menu varieties : 3.5/5   Full experience : 4/5

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