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Maker Faire Cairo: A Place For All The Geeks Out There

By Mohammed Adel
Maker faire is an annual international event that represents a pedestal for all those people out there who spend their leisure time, or even if as a profession, creating new stuff and inventing some remarkable items. It is a meeting-point for all those geeks out there who would like to feel that they belong somewhere and that there are other similar people around. Last Saturday, the 10th of March marked the fourth Maker Faire Cairo event. While usually taking place in the Greek Campus, this time it took place in the Smart Village Club and was organized by of course none other than FabLab Egypt. This one was also a little different than the preceding ones as it hosted two very prominent figures in the world of modern technology; Matt Richardson, one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi (a single board computer dedicated to teaching people basic computer science) and David Cuartielles, a co-founder of Arduino (open source hardware that helps people in building microcomputers). These two important figures were present to educate people and give talks about what they did and how did they make it.


But the event is not just about technology and inventions and robots, there was also the mystical realm of the cosplayers. Following in the footsteps of Heunicon and Egycon, MKC dedicates a portion of its space to those passionate animaniacs who like to dress up as their favourite anime characters. There was also different forms of art shows and exhibitions present there like Trashcan Art and The Massive Nail Board which is created to show that every material has its own beauty. A pottery and sculpture art shows also took place in MKC but one of the most interesting art exhibitions there was the Light Art Sculpture, an exhibit to show how much the relationship between man and machine progressed throughout the years by creating art of steel lamps. Of the interesting events that also took place there was Metal Monsters, a robot fight competition created by FabLab Egypt and Robocon Egypt. What could be more exciting than watching caged robots fighting to the death in quick 3 minute matches? A place where all these hardworking unappreciated minds can feel they belong and feel a sense of achievement, MKC is an amazing event where people from different parts of the country can join and enjoy their passion with others. An event which can be said to be “The Geek Utopia”.

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