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5 times Halsey’s “Sorry” is all of us at some point

By Omnia Mounir
When hearing Halsey’s song “sorry” for the first time, you can’t help but feel that it describes your thoughts and feelings at some point in your life. To prove it, here are five times Halsey had struck the right cords that it could even bring you into tears: -“I’ve missed your calls for month it seems, didn’t realize how mean I could be.” How many times have you put your phone on silent mood just because you felt terrible? or because you didn’t feel like talking to anyone that you’ve missed their calls and texts? Well, most of us have been through this without realizing that we’re actually hurting the people we care about! Life just gets too much sometimes that we have to take a break and think. -“Cause I can change my mind each day. I didn’t mean to try on you, but I still remember your birthday and your mother’s favorite song.” We all have our moments of hesitation when it comes to love and relationships, that it could turn more into something  like trails. Some of us has  even been into relationships thatwas more like under testing, without thinking of their partner’s feelings. This isn’t giving the relationship a chance, it’s kinda insensitive, after all a relationship is about being honest and sharing our feelings, beliefs and favourite moments together, and it’d be too late to pull out before being deeply involved. -“Sorry to my unknown lover, sorry that I can’t believe that anybody really starts to fall in love with me” How many times your insecurities have got their way to destroy not only your self esteem and confidence but also your love life and relationships. Unfortunately insecurities aren’t just about the way we look at ourselves, our numbers on the scale or even our grades. Insecurities could also interfere with the way we see ourselves on the inside and the way we talk to others and also our relationships. They could make you doubt your abilities and your worthiness into your lovers eyes to the extent of breaking up with them just because they deserve someone better than you. Well, you’re actually stripping your partner’s down from their chance of happiness not only yourself. -“sorry that I could be so blind. Didn’t mean to leave you and all of the things we had behind.” Studies say that most people we fall in love with usually don’t return our feelings back while the ones that truly love us are the ones we could never expect them to be, because we always tend to be more of our true selves without an ounce of effort, but Sometimes it’s too late to realize that this person could’ve been the one for you. -“I run away when things are good, and never really understood the way you laid your eyes on me in ways no one ever could” Overthinking and analyzing the good or bad  moments we have with our partners would eventually cause you retreating into your own bubble where you could see the gears turning and moving in your head. We could write for ages in this but to sum it up for you guys; every relationship have its ups and downs, downs are bad and stressful but ups are spectacular. Eventually we’ve  to appreciate our partners’ efforts and love before its too late.

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