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Could it be worse?

- By Ahmed Muhammed -
"Tears come from the heart and not from the brain." - Leonardo da Vinci. Whispers; I had a dream, but unfortunately I found that it was a nightmare, and after the unreal, fake happiness that I felt at the beginning of it, A huge dark cloud attacked my life! It left me broken and weak! I hoped for a fast recovery, but I didn’t know what happened! Suddenly, I felt like everything is black and I have no interest in anything...I felt like it’s just a gloomy life to be lived! I missed the passion, I missed the hope. I found myself just waiting and waiting till the end or till a solution presents itself because only time could help me, Time is the only cure for my case, but a cure for what, for something I don’t even know! I don't even know what's going on! Have you ever felt that you’re imprisoned in your thoughts?! A day after another and the same day everyday, it’s just gloomy and I’m just sad! No reasons so no solutions, No hopes so no dreams, I’m just suffocating! My eyes were red, my body was weak, my mind was exhausted.   A lot of questions and a lot of silence, what’s going on? But why and how I don’t even know, till when? I have no answer! I'm Just waiting! Could it be worse?

How do you feel about the article

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