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Stop annoying me myself!

- By Nour Mohamed Ali -

OCD kills the ability to progress...and here is how.

Never satisfied with their achievements, always want the better, lack of self-confidence, and underestimating their capabilities. You might fit in one of these types of annoying personalities...I know I am.

Many people might avoid dealing with such personalities because they are pessimists, fastidious, and always complaining. What those people really don’t know is that people with these personalities are really tired of their traits. They would like to avoid inner conversations; exactly, like how you avoid talking to them.

It’s really hard to strive all the time to reach perfection. Even when all people stand-up to congratulate your unprecedented achievements you will find an inner voice saying “this is not enough, I didn’t do well”. Even for students who have this irritating personality, it’s not enough to get an A, they will punish themselves for not getting A+, even when they get an A+, they will punish themselves for getting 98% instead of 100%, and this circle will never end.

On the bright side, this kind of personality might be perceived as ambitious, hard-working, and responsible. For some people, these characteristics might push you to become better, while for most of them these traits knock them down, and stops them from achieving.

Once, I have attended a conference where a speaker, Nigel Risner, said there are four types of personalities: the lion, the dolphin, the monkey, and the elephant. The tiring kind of personality previously mentioned is the lion. They are goal-oriented, meaning they could do anything to reach their goals.

For me I haven’t reached to any solution to change my personality. Did you? Please share with me your thoughts and solutions.

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